Specialister på kundanpassade våtfärger för industriellt bruk

Leading producers since the 1930s

AB RÖA is part of the AB Rötmotvarken group, which was first established in 1926. The founders were five gentlemen with connections to the construction industry. Their business idea was to develop and produce products that would protect wooden facades, or as they put it, cure rot (möta rota in Swedish) – hence the name Rötmotvarken. From the very beginning, the company’s primary headquarters has been located in Hosjö, just outside of Falun.


From the early days we have been producing paints for residential facades, and over the years we have been one of the leading producers of the quintessentially Swedish Falu red – known for its usage on wooden cottages and barns. In the 1930s, we began to develop paints that could be applied to metal, which today is one of our two principal activities, alongside house paints, above all with customers in the engineering industry. Since 2005 the two business areas have been corporatised – industry paint production is driven by AB RÖA and house paint production is driven by Falu Vapen Färg AB. AB Rötmotvarken is the parent company of the two subsidiaries.