Specialister på kundanpassade våtfärger för industriellt bruk



The majority of the products we produce are environmentally friendly paints which are adapted to our customer’s needs with regards to hue, gloss and other qualities.

We have our own production facility which is specially adapted and enables us to produce even smaller volumes of paint.

AB RÖA is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified which means our customer’s can rest assured that our production is both high quality and environmentally aware.

Our retailers are highly experienced and have knowledge which can help our customer’s to choose the right equipment, methods and paint types in order to achieve the results they desire. Past clients have very much appreciated our close collaborative working methods, as well as our commitment to high quality, our flexibility and our decisiveness. It is important to us that we are viewed as a valuable long-term collaborating partner.


We stock parts of Carbolines range of high quality epoxy and PU colors.